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Life’s truly a beach at Casa Camilla. These cottages are offered to families, vacationers, travelers, retirees, and small companies looking for a place to stay at Boracay for six months to one year. Rates are affordable allowing quests to enjoy the island without having to worry about bug expenses on accommodations.

Relaxing will never be a problem at Casa Camilla. Read your favorite books or sleep under a coconut tree in a hammock , or maybe have fun watching the sunset while drinking beer or a mango shake. At the end of a fun but tiring day, you can always have Casa Camilla as your home away from home in Boracay.

Casa Camilla is located near the beach so enjoying the white sand of Boracay is just a few walks away. Beachfront cottages are perfect for guests who wish to have a grand view of the beautiful beach. Each cozy cottage is equipped with a private bath, common kitchen, fan or air-conditioning, and other appliances (with additional charges). Other units have the luxury of a small balcony and larger floor area. The marbled floor deluxe units, on the other hand, have air-conditioning, living and dining area, kitchenette with ref, and special rooms facing the sea with huge enclosed balcony.

The Spanish style building of Casa Camilla is only 15 meters away from the sea’s high tide mark. This resort brings to mind the budget of every guest that is why rooms are offered at affordable rates. You don’t have to spend much at Casa Camilla because we promise value for your money.



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