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One White Beach Luxury Residences. Soon to be built on the world-famous White Beach in Station One, Boracay. It will be your home away from home, a unique investment opportunity* that happens rarely in a lifetime.

Unlike previous developments on the island, One White Beach will be built according to established responsible principles of Eco-Architecture. From using indigenous sustainable materials to capitalizing new alternative sources of energy, everything from the ventilation to the lighting to the very stone and wood used will be implemented with efficiency, responsibility, and sustainability as our watchwords.

As one of the first “eco-friendly” major developments in Boracay, One White Beach will be built in consultation with architectural experts and aqua-ecologists who have studied and developed systems to harmonize the environment with the needs of the community. One White Beach promises to do its share to preserve and enhance this island paradise for future generations to enjoy by utilizing alternatives sources of energy such as windmills and solar panels, and renewable features like rainwater cisterns, and organic “Green Roof” systems. With modest impact at the onset, the end goal is to enable the project to evolve to become 100% energy sustainable.

One White Beach is also uniquely different from other developments as it will integrate innovative Art into the design of buildings and its amenities as showcased by the inspiring “Living Art” Walkway and Sculpture Garden, stunning “Living Wall” aquarium and terrarium and organic “Green Roof” gardens.



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Address: Station 1

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