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he proprietors of OLÉ Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Boracay, Steve Zafir & Ana Sagarino are not from Spain nor can they speak Spanish. Their great love, however for Tapas & Paella, traditional Spanish foods, and Sangria, the Spanish drink, led them to open OLÉ on Boracay in August 2005.

Steve Zafir & Ana take great pride in their family owned and operated business on Boracay Island and sincerely hope that you will enjoy the food, service and ambience of OLÉ.

The Steaks, Seafood, and Vegetarian delights in addition to the Spanish, Mexican and Cuban Specialties should tantalize your epicurean desires.



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Contacts: Stephen Zafir


Website Address: http://www.oleinboracay.com/


Tags: cuban, drink, food, mexican


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Address: D'Mall, Phase IV-#1

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