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ur Nigi Nigi Too's , Boracay invitation offers :

Beachfront location & all rooms are within a few meters of the ocean

Panoramic Boracay ocean views – all rooms are spacious with private verandahs , artistically decorated with an oriental flair and equipped with airconditioning, hot showers, cable tv, wifi broadband internet access and mini fridge

Our beachfront is recognized as the best bathing area in the entire island

With a selection of just 15 rooms our guests are treated to individual and personal - friendly and efficient – service

Beach bar serving full array of tropical drinks and fresh asian or international cuisine

Ocean view therapeutic massage center

All above are offered at very reasonable prices – compare

Surrounded by the full array of popular island attractions, including trendy restaurants, cozy beach bars, well equipped water sports facilities all within 5 – 10 minute walk along the beach



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Contacts: Ruby Flores


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Nigi-Nigi Too Resort Map & Address

Address: Mail: P.O. Box 11, Kalibo Aklan, Philippines

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