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NAUTILUS Dive and Sports Center has been operating for almost 8 years. Founded in 1995 by Solomon Young Jr., under the name of S.Y. Industrial Corporation then, has been recognized as an importer and wholesaler of different kinds of diving equipments that supply to dive shops and resorts. It was originally in a different occasion than it is today.
In 1999, S.Y. Industrial Corporation decided to widen its market and set up their own dive shop that will meet most of the consumer’s needs and wants. Thus, the name Nautilus Dive and Sports Center. It was named after the US first nuclear powered submarine Nautilus.
For the past few years, Nautilus Dive and Sports Center has been meeting the consumers needs and wants for the people who loves exploring the underwater wonders by providing divers, whether a beginner or professional, the finest equipments, gears, accessories and packages at affordable prices. Rental gears for snorkeling and scuba diving are available at affordable rates. Rental units are maintained on a regular basis to provide the highest quality rental equipment available and we service any brand of equipment as well.
As we look ahead, Nautilus Dive and Sports Center, remains committed to providing quality services to consumers for they are our cornerstones to success. In these changing times, we bring to you products that will meet your diving needs today, tomorrow and into the 21st century.



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Address: Boracay Island

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