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Our family-run beach resort in Boracay consists of well-appointed and family-friendly beach accommodation and suites designed to add intimacy and comfort to a fun Boracay holiday. Rated Class AA by the Philippine Department of Tourism, Jony's Beach Resort in Boracay reflects the intimate side of the island where the age-old charms of Filipino warmth and hospitality shine through the resort’s personalized hotel services and the sun-kissed water of its Boracay White Beach. Here at Jony's Philippines resort is home not only to the finest beach in the Philippines, but to the friendliest as well.

Jony’s Philippines Resort is a full-amenity beach resort in Boracay shuttered from the rest of Boracay Island by the thick greens and brown hills that face the turquoise sea. Each room includes a private veranda that looks out to the sea, offering a view of the Boracay Seascape that complements the well-appointed and family-friendly hotel rooms

Discover what makes Boracay one of the world’s best. Our resort in Boracay offers facilities and resources for outdoor activities that are sure to integrate the beauty of Boracay to the fun of water sports. Kayak, snorkel, dive, and sail. Or find your isolated piece of the beach. Or settle down for a snack at our beachfront bar.



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Address: Station 1, Balabag

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