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The most popular specialty Gasthof Restaurant takes pride of is its Baby Back Ribs. The ribs are carefully and strategically marinated in specially made sauce, which is sweet and at the same time, spicy. The meat is very tender and juicy that it easily slides off from the bone. When aiming to try out and enjoy the famous cuisine, be sure to come earlier. The restaurant usually runs out of its flagship specialty during prime hours of dinnertime.

Gasthof’s Calamari’s is also a must try for appetizers. The quid rings are thick and are coated with crunchy crumbs. For soups, have a clay pot of clam soup or the soothing ginger-based soup. For refreshments, the restaurant is serving the freshest buko juice that is served right from the young coconut. Adding to the experience will be the sweet and tender coconut bits that can already serve as good dessert.



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Address: Beachfront D'Mall, Station 2 Balabag

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