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Fat Jimmy’s Resort at Boracay provides a stylish and relaxing accommodation at an affordable rate. Perfectly situated at the heart of the island, the resort is an easy walking distance to Boracay’s hottest dining, shopping, and entertaining spots.

The resort’s 10 hotel-type rooms are well-equipped with air-conditioning, cable television, hot and cold shower, videoke, and a superb sound system. Five rooms of these luxury rooms have mini-gardens.
Guests find a lot of reasons to stay at Fat Jimmy’s Resort. Experience a relaxing massage at our massage hut or rest on a native hammock in the garden area for a totally calming atmosphere. A gazebo guest lounge is also open for entertainment and relaxation. There are also books and board games that can be borrowed upon request.
This non-beachfront luxury resort is approximately 150 yards from the powdery white sand and crystal blue waters of Boracay. Its prime location allows Fat Jimmy’s Resorts guests and visitors to be within easy access to the island’s exciting activities and popular destinations.

Fat Jimmy’s Resort also has a very friendly and reliable staff that will attend to your every need so your stay is more comfortable and more convenient. For a more memorable vacation, choose Fat Jimmy’s Resort to be your home away from home while in the beautiful island of Boracay.



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Website Address: http://www.fatjimmysboracay.com/


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