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A cozy place to hang out especially while viewing the sunset. The bar, overlooking the beach extends its area to the white sand - a relaxing set-up to enjoy our happy hour from 4:30 to 7:30 PM.
Give in to your thirst and try our famous and all-time favorite shakes—mango, banana peanut, and tropical shakes which you would see people line up for at the bar during summer time just waiting to grab their mouthwatering fresh- fruits drink. When in the mood to sip cocktail drinks, Mango Daiquiri is the best choice, and don’t leave the island without tasting Danzka’s irresistible mix of “Boracay Island Flip.”



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Website Address: http://www.willysbeachclubhotel.com/


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Address: Willy's Hotel, Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island

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