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Casa Pilar Boracay Resort is located right in the heart of Boracay Island, at Boracay Beach station 3. Casa Pilar Resort in Boracay Philippines offers a complete range of native Boracay accommodations, restaurant facilities and Boracay nightlife entertainment.

Casa Pilar Boracay accommodations offers both native Boracay Cottages and Boracay Hotel type as-well as Boracay beachfront accommodations.

Casa Pilar Boracay Island Hotel and Beach Resort has combined the simplicity and sincerity of native Boracay Island ways to add to the attraction and friendly atmosphere.

Casa Pilar Boracay Resort Accommodations include TV, Refrigerator and Hot & Cold Showers.

15 - Standard Rooms
8 - Deluxe Rooms
30 - Superior Rooms
16 - Fan Rooms

Casa Pilar Resort in Boracay Restaurant offers a beachfront grill and serves both Filipino & international cuisine.

Casa Pilar Boracay Restaurant is open daily from 7AM to 10PM. Room service is also available.



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Contacts: Shirley Z. Parcon (Resident Manager)


Tags: bar, function room, massage, pavilion, resort


Casa Pilar Beach Resort Map & Address

Address: Station 3, 1103 Barangay Manoc-Manoc

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