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Pristine white beaches and clear blue waters - natural wonders that make Boracay an island paradise.

Boracay is the ideal place for tropical dream vacations. With more than 30 beaches and coves, Boracay provides the ultimate sun, sand and sea experience.

Boracay Island is part of the province of Aklan, and is only less than one-hour flight time south of Manila. The island is only seven kilometers long and, at its narrowest points, only one kilometer wide. Nonetheless, it has the most amazing coastlines, and boasts of one of the best beaches in the world. The four-kilometer White Beach, with its pristine, powdery sand and clear blue waters, has been rated among the best beaches by international publications.

Along the waterfront, you can find a range of establishments that cater to every pleasure: restaurants and cafes for sumptuous meals; to while away the hours, souvenir shops, and wet markets for the freshest catch and produce; and bars that keep Boracay's nightlife swinging.

And Boracay is not just about spending your time sunning or swimming. There are a lot of activities you can engage in, from golf (it has a world-class golf course), mountain biking, island hopping, horseback riding and more. Boracay also offers a host of fun water sports like jet skiing and windsurfing. And if you want to take in the beauty of the deep blue sea, the island has a lot of perfect spots for diving.

But if you're the type who just wants to bask in the sun, then Boracay's the perfect place for you. Lounge around in beach chairs, read a favorite novel while sipping a cocktail or just gaze at the endless sea as you let time pass by. It's the perfect way to just get away.



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Address: Balabag, Boracay Island

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