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The Boracay beach is one of the world's best beaches with its beautiful fine crystal powdered sand. Good thing that Boracay 68 Beach Resort is just a few steps away from the main Boracay beach front. It is a newly-opened resort that is set to be near the beach, and activity centers in Boracay. In-house, it offers good food and tequila in the restaurant bar run by a resident Chef. A grocery shop in the resort is also open for the guests. You may also avail of travel and booking assistance from us.
Boracay. Beach. Party. Water Sport...
Experience all these at the Boracay 68 Beach Resort! When you want to get unlimited fun activities, and stay within the budget, this is the Boracay resort for you.

Boracay 68 Beach Resort adds value for your money. Budget accommodation coupled with quality service awaits you here. With fully air-conditioned rooms 24/7, proximity to the white sand beaches, a complete set of Boracay resort amenities, plus a variety of water sport activities offered by the resort – you can enjoy the best of Boracay while staying on the budget.



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Address: Station 3, Boracay Island

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