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Tonglen Beach Resort can make your Boracay vacation worth remembering. Strategically located near the famous white beach,
this resort allows guests to experience true tropical paradise.
The resorts’ apartments are surrounded by lovely flowers and palm trees that grow in abundance in the island. Spacious rooms are appointed with modern facilities that include air-conditioning, satellite television, and a balcony opening to a grander view of the resort and the rest of the island. The dependable staff of Tongloen Beach Resort changes the bedlinen daily for the comfort of the guests.

Tonglen Beach Resort also boasts a function room large enough to accommodate 150 people and are full equipped with air-conditioning system and the most modern technical equipment so important business meetings and conferences are met.

This world-class Tonglen Beach Resort has become a favorite of many foreigners, tourists, and even local visitors because they are offered with many choices of recreational facilities and the resort is only within east walking distance to the most popular dining , shopping, and entertainment areas. Couples and families also find Tonglen Beach Resort a perfect haven for them as it also allows them to enjoy various and interesting activities like scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing.
Bask in the Boracay sun under tropical shades while sipping the most refreshing drinks. Take a dip and be refreshed at the Tonglen Beach Resort’s cool swimming pool.

The staff assures that guests enjoy their stay in style and utmost comfort at the Tonglen Beach Resort. Complete with luxury accommodations and modern facilities, serviced by the friendliest staff, you will find that staying at the Tonglen Beach Resort while in Boracay is a perfect thing to do.



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Address: Manggayad

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