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Steakhouse Boracay Restaurant can be easily identified because of its unique design concept. Inside, you will notice yellow table cloths with parachutes above to create a unique style all over. The restaurant’s location at the first floor and its odd neon bull design are just some of the exciting features that make up the food joint. The terrace is prettily ornamented to attract and hold attention of guests so that dining at the splendid Boracay backdrop will be attained.

When it comes to food, Steakhouse Boracay Restaurant will not pale in comparison to other fine dining and premium restaurants in the island. Aside from being a Swiss restaurant, Steakhouse is also known to have several Austrian and German dishes in its menu. Not to be overlooked is its special breakfasts, barbeque and fillets. One of the major selling features is that Steakhouse Boracay prides at its Europe trained management. Different from the rest of Boracay restaurants, Steakhouse Restaurant imports meat from Australia, particularly beef. Thus, the price tags can get astronomical. However, the gastronomical experience will be surely worthwhile.



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Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island

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