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An ideal beach resort for those who want serenity after a long and tiring day at the beach, Serendipity Boracay has become a favorite choice of many visitors to the Philippines.

Resort rooms at Serendipity Boracay are tastefully outfitted with air-conditioning system, hot and cold shower, cable television, and comfy beds. There are 3 types of rooms available : Premier Rooms, Standard Rooms, Nipa Huts, and Cottages. Fan-cooled cottages are perfect for those on a tight budget but still want to experience a great Boracay adventure.

Serendipity Boracay’s commitment to excellence is evident in its accommodations and the impeccable service provided by the staff. Guests are assured that every need will be attended to.

Conveniently located along Boracay’s main road beside the famous D’ Mall, is a new resort development in the island but has attracted more and more visitors and tourists.

Guests and visitors are warmly welcomed at the guest’s lounge upon arrival. There is also a commercial arcade where one can spend their idle time while a beautiful lush and landscaped garden is a perfect hideaway for those who want to escape from the busy beach for awhile and commune with nature.
One of the best beach resorts in the island , Serendipity Boracay’s can be your best choice as it serves as a tranquil haven for guests after a busy and tiring day at the beach. From the moment you step inside the hotel, you’ll find that Serendipity is your special home in Boracay.

Boracay is home to varied watersports and island adventures for people of different levels of expertise. The Boracay White Beach is a 10-minute walk from the hotel in Boracay of Serendipity Resort, where guests can indulge on island adventure activities like kayaking, banana boat ride, snorkeling, mountain bike ride, or simply to find an isolated stretch of their own Boracay White Beach.



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Serendipity Boracay Map & Address

Address: Main Road, Station 2, Balabag

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