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Adventure, experience, hard work, amazing, rewarding, exciting, and fun; these are just a few of the many words from our instructors about working in the recreational diving industry.
Scuba World is pleased to offer an extensive professional dive training program that enables students to get the essential training to succeed. We are committed to providing a first-class dive education in one of the most beautiful and biodiverse places in the world. Students will work closely with staff to achieve their goals within the dive industry.
For Kids that are interested in the more adventuresome aspects of diving and are not old enough to start their Junior Open Water Diver the PADI Seal Team Course is the best way to learn underwater skills and have fun. The program is comprised of 15 Individual Aqua missions which allow kids to move at their own pace.



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Contacts: Vicente "vix" Azurin Jr.


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Address: Boracay Island

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