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With its prime location on the island’s stretch of fine white sand, Sand Castles Boracay offers a relaxing stay in the island. The resort takes pride in the hand-built native villas that serve as haven to guests and travelers.

Units are well-equipped with ceiling fans, air-conditioners. Cable TV, Internet connection, refrigerator, hot and cold shower in Balinese style bathrooms, Japanese-inspired beds, and kitchen and dining facilities among others. These villa rooms and bungalows are elegantly designed with native architecture and decorated in with taste and simplicity. Sand Castles Boracay Resort’s villas also feature spacious rooms and bamboo balconies with Capiz shell sliding doors, woven sawali ceilings, village pottery, and Mindanao wall hangings.

Sand Castles’ staff provides first class hotel service. An in-house masseuse, housekeeping service, lockers in reception area, and laundry service add to the many great advantages of choosing Sand Castles.

One of the premier beach resorts in Boracay, Sand Castles promise a natural ambience so guests can simply relax and enjoy all Boracay has to offer. Dine at one dozen restaurants, play mahjong, go bowling, watch cultural shows, or sing your heart out at Sand Castles. Have fun without worrying about the cost because this resort offers many fun activities and facilities at an affordable rate.

The resorts’ in-house Cafe Troppo Bar & Restaurant serves delectable Asian cuisine. Sand Castles’ ideal location allows easy access to the exciting activities such as sailing, hiking, boating, fishing, mountain biking, sunbathing, kite boarding, diving, beach volleyball, and more!

Experience Boracay at Sandcastles Resort. Located on the beachfront of the Boracay White Beach, the Sandcastles Resort in Boracay is composed of rustic resort rooms and villas that integrate rest and recreation to serene effect. Each Sandcastles Resort room is adorned with the bucolic charm of ethnic furnishings and equipped with the technology-driven ethos of modern-day living. Beyond the charm of its resort rooms and beachfront location are the Tribal Adventure Tours of the Boracay Sandcastles Resort, from which guests can discover what makes Boracay Island one of the world’s best.



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