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Royal Park Resort Hotel is set to make to make your Boracay island a true adventure and an unforgettable vacation. Situated near the world-renowned powdery white beach, this resort hotel makes for a perfect island getaway.
Hotel rooms offer comfort and utmost convenience for all guests. Relax and unwind after a long and busy day at the island. All 18 luxury rooms are well-appointed with modern facilities like air-conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold shower, mini bar, telephone, and comfy beds in a cozy atmosphere.
The Royal Park Resort Hotel allows guests to experience unique Filipino-Korean hospitality provided by the warm and friendly staff. Each of the staff is courteous, dependable, and will make sure that al of your needs are well attended to.
Satisfy your palate and nourish your body with the sumptuous feast prepared at the Al fresco Restaurant. The in-house Filipino-Korean restaurant serves only delectable meals so you can wine and dine by the sea. Enjoy the cool breeze and watch the golden sunset or enjoy a romantic evening under the moonlight.

The resort hotel is within easy access to the famous white beach and the hottest entertainment, shopping, and dining spots. Its prime location allows guests and tourists enjoy the best of their Boracay island adventure.

Royal Park Resort Hotel is located in station 1 Balabag, Boracay Island. It has 18 spacious furnished rooms with 2 double beds, air-condition, hot and cold shower and refrigirator. It also features a restaurant which offers a variety of delightful dishes.



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Address: Station 1, Balabag

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