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Monaco Suites de Boracay, an exclusive suites and a getaway to an outgrown Boracay’s long- beach, offering a much desired privacy and tranquility, nestled on a sixteen thousand (16,000) square meter lot area, with 14well-appointed villas consist of 50 ocean view suites, sprawling lush garden covering 70% of the total area providing cool ambience and serene surrounding.

Backed with 29 years of successful hotel operation in Paradise Garden Resort-Hotel, this efficient German Management open a new dimension of luxury living, a luxurious urban highland resort-hotel, "Monaco Suites de Boracay”.
Monaco Suites de Boracay a fully registered Corporation recently open its door to hotel industry and hospitality service, accredited as triple AAA from Department of Tourism (DOT) Boracay with 5 star hotel standard boast with 50 ocean view suites on a 13,000 sqm. land.

Monaco Suites de Boracay is at southeasterly part of Boracay bringing all-suite accommodation to the premier resort island of Boracay, Philippines.

Monaco Suites de Boracay gives unsurpassed comfort to Boracay beach holidays, complementing the tropical vibe that Boracay Island is famous of.

Sitting on private beach southeast of Boracay famous long beach Monaco Suites de Boracay brings to its doorstep an exclusive white beach, water sport activities, and other island adventures available in Boracay Island.Every day is a new day at Monaco Suites de Boracay a guaranteed rest, comfort and total relaxation is what Monaco Suites de Boracay is all about all these can be experience in this exciting Boracay Island.



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Address: Station 3, Tolubhan, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

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