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The Mandala Spa Resort Villas offers advanced conveniences and comfortable accommodations for all guests. This famous spa resort in Boracay has been a favorite of regular spa goers. The resort is proud to lead the way towards enlightened spa service with the beauty and wellness culture it advocates. Guests and the staff are led to personal growth in an environment so tranquil and serene.

All 12 villas provide convenience, privacy, and exclusivity to guests. They also allow easy access to the famous white beach while offering fine vegetarian dining and total spa rejuvenation.

This tropical day spa and resort brings one soul to relaxation and peace. The exquisitely designed villas add to the beauty of the spa services making wellness and rejuvenation possible at the Mandala Spa Resort Villas.
Just a 5-mitue walk from the white beach, the Mandala Spa Estate is overlooking the Boracay beach and is situated on a hilltop. The famous villas are well-appointed with elegant Italian bath fixtures, bamboo cladding, wooden ceilings, stone riprap cogon roofing, teek flooring, and glass walls. Guests can enjoy spa services even within the luxury of their own units.

A vegetarian restaurant is perfect for the health conscious. It offers vegetarian cuisine that goes well with the spa therapies and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 7 am to 10 pm only. The peaceful and restful ambience is brought by the fresh air, chirping birds, beach view, and the trees that envelope the location of the restaurant.

Other special areas in the Mandala Spa Resort are the Yin yang Pavilion and the Watsu Pavilion. The Yin Yang Pavilion houses 2 sauna areas and 2 treatment areas. The Watsu Pavilion, on the other hand, is a living room by the pool where guests relax and meditate.
Much emphasis is on the nourishing and natural aspects of the Mandala experience. It is a place where quality of life can be achieved because of the many advantages of its spa treatments and the relaxing environment.



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Address: Boracay Island

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