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Kasbah combines an exotic Moroccan souk vibe with a relaxed beach setting. Atmospheric lighting, low silver tables, vibrantly coloured oversized sofas, scattered with cushions and killer cocktails by the beach.

The main dining area offers a casual setting that can cater for large and small groups as well as more intimate set-ups.

Moroccan cuisine is the most exquisite and refined of the Maghreb region (North Africa) famous for its couscous and tagines.
Its marriage with meat and fruits and its extraordinary combination of spicy, savoury and sweet.

We invite you to indulge in a sensual feast. Fresh ingredients bought from the market everyday, using herbs and spices producing delicate combinations of flavours and aromas.If you are not familiar with the customs and cuisine of this region, please do not hesitate to ask our staff for advice on how best to sample and enjoy our dishes.We hope that you will enjoy this short journey with us in savouring Morocco's amazing culinary offerings.

We pay as much attention to our choice of music as we do to our food & drinks. Kasbah's eclectic mix of sounds are from around the world, and the diverse quality of the artists ensures an inspiring and enjoyable experience.



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Website Address: http://www.kasbahboracay.com


Tags: Mediterranean, Moroccan, Music, sophisticated, Tagine


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Address: Station 1

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