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Our history started in 2007, after seven years running successful Jay Jays Movie Bar and Restaurant located at Boat Station 1 on the famous White Beach of Boracay. The owner’s of Jay Jays Movie Bar wish was to open a tiny Club Resort to meet island visitors special needs from all over the world in a more amicable ambiance and bring them together in a relaxing setting.

Therefore Jay Jays owner started with the Clubhouse with two Budget Rooms on the second floor with a common area on the ground floor which consist of a fully equipped kitchen with all the amenities needed to create any meal along with a billiard table, full size Jacuzzi, swimming pool, LCD Flat screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, telephone lines, fax machine, printer, dining area and much more. Since January 2009 Jay Jays Club Boracay has expanded its club house by adding next to the pool a 3 story building with 105 sqm flats which consist of a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, exclusive shower room and a comfortable balcony area overlooking the pool is ready to give guests a feeling of being at home.

After sunset, everybody can meet at the romantic roof-sun deck on the 3 story main building for sunset drinks, watch fireworks or just getting away for some quiet moments. In the daytime you can have a glance at the beautiful ocean view over the whole White Beach, take pictures of the vast scenery, catch a tan on the sun beds and even take a cooling shower which is on site whenever you feel hot.



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Website Address: http://www.jayjaysclub.com/


Tags: hilltop, private


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Address: Station 1, Balabag

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