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At D’ Mall in Boracay, vacationers are truly provided with a wide array of choices for meals. There are many restaurants adorning the place. D’ Mall, located at La Rotunda site in the island is simply a haven where tourists can hang out and find the most appropriate and suitable restaurants offering different types of foods. One of those restaurants is the popular Island Chicken Inasal Boracay Restaurant.

Chicken dishes are simply part of the Filipino food culture. That is why there are just many different types of chicken cuisines offered at Filipino restaurants. To begin with, Island Chicken Inasal is a pure Pinoy food joint. It is specializing in offering chicken inasal, a special and unique chicken cuisine originating from the nearby city of Bacolod. Chicken inasal is grilled chicken, topped with mouth watering and aromatic chicken oil sauce.

Perhaps, Island Chicken Inasal is slowly expanding throughout the Philippines. There are now three branches where people can taste the unique Island Chicken Inasal cuisines. As mentioned, the maiden branch is found at D’ Mall. The second branch is still within Boracay, at Scuba Station 1. From Boracay, Island Chicken Inasal went an extra mile and reached out northward to Metro Manila through a branch at Scout Borromeo in Quezon City.

You will easily be converted into a chicken lover if you patronize Island Chicken Inasal. The price tag is low to medium, meaning, the affordability is a plus factor that could further lure more vacationers. Excellent food is compensated with great ambiance and of course, good service.

Regular customers are raving about Island Chicken Inasal being a good site to hangout and enjoy ice-cold booze. That separates the restaurant from any other chicken fast food not just in the island but also in the entire country. You can enjoy socializing and meeting new acquaintances and friends within the restaurant, especially at night when everyone in Boracay just seems to be in a casual party mode.

As if that is not enough, you will surely find a little breeze and amusement at the marketing strategies adopted by the restaurant. Island Chicken Inasal has its own mascot, a golden retriever like creature fondly called ‘Coffee.’

Vacationers from nearby hotels and resorts can surely easily access Island Chicken Inasal. Because of the two branches’ strategic locations, tourists can just take several walks. You will never have a hard time looking for and finding the any of the restaurant’s branches. In fact, do not be surprised at yourself if you become an instant convert to being a chicken dish lover. For starters, paa (chicken feet), wings and quarter thighs will surely catch the palate.

Come to Island Chicken Inasal and taste Filipino chicken dishes at their best. Prices, as mentioned, will never hurt anyone’s pocket, especially these days when everyone is feeling the pressure amid a global financial crunch. Enjoy your stay at Boracay and enjoy feasting at any of the restaurant’s menu items. By the way, the warm colors of the stores’ interiors will also make you more comfortable.



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Address: Station 2, D'Mall, Balabag, Boracay Island

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