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ave you been to a real Paradise ? Have you tried lying in a powdery white sand? Just walking barefooted in the sand or just gazing the sunset and the passersby.

Amazing !! You can now enjoy the freedom in Boracay.. a real piece of paradise where you can just explore nature. The joy of abundance and love overflows the life that God wants us to explore.

Giulius Bamboo Boracay Italian Resort welcomes you to paradise, provide you with a clean and elegant rooms and 2 bedroom suites. Our staff are very friendly and courteous and we commit to delivery efficient service to our guests.\

We just opened in June 2008 and we are on our Opening Promo. Check our Rooms. Avail of our promo rates.

We have Deluxe Room, Super Deluxe ,Superior Room, Family Suites and Presidential Suites (2 Bedroom Loft) with Extra King Sized Beds.

Come and relax in Boracay… stay in a Brandnew hotel. Experience the Freedom and Privacy.



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Address: Manggayad, Balabag, Boracay Island

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