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We welcome you to Boracay Breeze Resort. Located at Station 1 on Boracay Island. We are owned and operated by the Sullano Family. We offer accommodations for travelers looking for a relaxing and leisurely time.

The resort has 21 guest rooms with a view of the clear waters of Boracay. Included are air-conditioned rooms, cable tv, hot & cold showers, free wifi in the dining hall, a bar and resto, center for business, laundry services and much more.

The Boracay Breeze Resort opened in 2006 and has since been patronized

Boracay Breeze Resort is near Willy's Place, beside Balabag Church. It is just a minute away to the beach where you can relax and unwind and very close to Cocomangas and Club Parao where you can dance your night away.

Experience Boracay Island and experience it at BORACAY BREEZE RESORT a full amenities hotel and resort surrounded by a beautiful tropical setting.
A perfect place to relax after a tiring day in the beach. Air conditioned rooms, comfortable beds, cable tv, good food and more.

by many international and local tourists.



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Address: Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island

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