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Beachcomber : a person living as a drifter or an adventurer especially on the islands of the Pacific.

Beachcomber Resort is just steps from Boracay's finest sand,
beachlife, and nightlife.
Very accessible by road or by walking on the beach.

Located in station 1, the resort has opened 11 modernist rooms, a swimming pool, spa, and a multi functional roof deck with a magnificent view of the famous crystalline beach.

The resort's beachfront area consists of a restaurant, bar, beach beds, chairs for lounging, and a spa where you can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage. Free wifi internet access in all areas keeps you connected to the outside world while you relax.

Beachcomber Resort’s staff prides itself in providing a harmonious and cozy retreat to travelers from all over the world wanting to experience comfort and service.

So if you come for adventure under the sun, the Beachcomber Resort is the place you want to be. Just tell the driver “Beachcomber Resort please!”
It's your ideal tropical island retreat!



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Tags: beach bar, cable tv, restaurant, wifi


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Address: Station 1

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