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B & B Boracay Beach Resort location is in the center of Boracay Island, situated in lush, tropical garden surroundings. B & B Boracay Beach Resort is a short 3 1/2 minute walk along a brick paved pathway to the middle of the 3.5 km. long world famous Boracay Beach, Boracay Beach Resort is next to the Boracay Tourist Center and Blue Mango Beach Resort.

B & B Beach Beach Resort is comprised of 20 Native style Boracay Cottages – fan cooled or air-conditioned - together with the coffee shop, function room and bar set in 5,000 sq. meters of gardens containing tropical plants, orchids and palm trees.

B & B Boracay Beach Resort Boracay Accommodations consist of the following Boracay Accommodation types.

3 - Family Fan Rooms 9 - Standard Fan Rooms 4 - Standard Air-conditioned Rooms 4 - Superior Air-Condition Rooms

B & B Boracay Beach Resort does not offer a in house Boracay Restaurant, however the B & B Boracay Beach Resort is located next door to the Blue Mango Boracay Restaurant, enjoy a hearty American Breakfast there.

B & B Boracay Beach Resort offers a bar for your Boracay Nightlife enjoyment, here you can enjoy a friendly game of Billiards with friends

B & B Boracay Beach Resort offers standard and deluxe native Boracay Accommodations. B & B Boracay Beach Resort offers fan and air-conditioned, rooms that come with hot and cold water, shower, TV all modern amenities.



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Address: Maggayad

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