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Bans Boracay is a long-time favorite resort of divers, backpackers and travellers on a budget, Bans is patronized by a loyal clientele who come here again and again. Bans Resort is owned by Bartolome Bautista ("Ome" to his friends) and managed by his charming wife, Fromy, this is a no-frills home-away-from-home that could be just the place you have been looking for to experience the hospitality that Filipinos are so well known for. Accommodation consists of native-style cottages set amidst some greenery.

Located towards station 1 fronted by the only Greek restaurant on the island. 23 quaint little boracay cottages with private verandas lined neatly around a lush tropical garden, a stone throw away form the beach.



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Address: Station 1, Balabag

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