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Banana Saging, located at Boracays second longest beach, Bulabug Beach, is a simple, but exquisite resort, which tries to mediate the 'old' Boracay; definitely more serene and quiet than the bustling White Beach, only a short walk of 10 minutes away from Bulabug Beach. Bulabug Beach is also the home of Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders and the beach hosts the annual Philippine leg of Asias Windsurfing Cup.

Banana Sagings Guesthouse is facing the beach and guests have a undisputed view of the beach, the reef and the Sibuyan Sea. The guesthouse with its 18 rooms is a quiet and relaxing place and most rooms have a balcony facing the beach and the sea. Banana Sagings shadedbamboo platform is a place to laze around, relax and watch the Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders race in the bay.



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Tags: beach front, cable tv, internet, kite surfing, wind surfing


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Address: Bulabog Beach

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