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Alta Vista de Boracay sits within an 80-hectare Eco-Village and is the biggest gated condotel community in Boracay. This prime property is situated on the North side of the island, conveniently located near the exclusive golf course of Fairways & Bluewater and the private Puka Beach.

Surround yourself with first-class comfort while you enjoy the resort's panoramic mountain vistas, and well-appointed guest rooms. Featuring 365/24 Concierge & Front Office service, Al fresco dining, Infinity pool, Spa, Viewing Deck, Business Center, Karaoke/Play Station game rooms, Recreational zones and Barbecue sites.

Alta Vista de Boracay is the ideal setting for a Family Weekend, Honeymoon, Weekend Getaway or Corporate Meeting. The resort is just a short drive from White Beach, central market and shopping outlets.



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Address: Yapak, Boracay Island

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